Sunday, February 04, 2007

This was a good week I guess. I rode on Friday a bit up near Kawaihai. It was sunny and felt good. I saw four or five whales too out in the water breaching and spouting and stuff, it made the ride pretty cool, otherwise my butt hurt. I have been pretty depressed about training these last few weeks but when I get out and do something I feel better about it. I guess that I just am so sore when I barely walk I forget that I can ride my bike or swim with no pain. I am at week three now since I broke the leg and I honestly dont feel like I am getting that much better. Today my calf is all knotted up because I cant use it and it stretches alot when I walk.
This week I am going to be riding more, because the sun is out and I really really need to. I think it helps me get my mind off things and helps me really relax and focus my mental energy also.
Two days ago I started a cleanse. I am taking fiber, milk thistle, and a laxative. Its three pills I take twice a day and its all herbal, but it works, let me tell you. I have a rumbly belly today.
This weeks training volume was low, probably about 3 hours. hopefully this next one is better I hope to be around 7 or 8.


Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

Can you all picture it now? I am in labor and Dan is limping his way to the bathroom b/c his laxative kicked in. Karyn, maybe Dan will be pooping on the delivery bed...not I. :) I am glad you got to ride Dan. Your leg will get better soon!!

Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

I hope I am not pooping! Sharting maybe, but not the full blown thing.

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

HaHa!! I can totally picture it. Gross! Dan...sorry I called your sport "bike riding" today on the phone...I know it's cycling. Will you take me and Patty for a ride when we are visiting?? That would be so much fun.