Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday was miserable! I showed up at the road race and got a good warm up in the wet cool conditions, then the 65 mile race started and the sun came out and it got really hot! The race consisted of a 2.5 mile loop around a business park and it had one big hill. on the 12 lap someone crashed and it started a chain reaction in the peloton and everyone started crashing, I got slammed into the curb and was almost totally sliding on the side of my bike on the wet cement before my wheels hit dry ground and the curb and amazingly i shot straight up back to my normal position. I looked down to make sure my wheels were ok and then started back up the road after everyone. They didnt wait for me and I chased them down for 30 miles. I never caught them but I did try. For those of you who dont know what drafting is, its where you ride in the persons slipstream in front of you and it helps you go faster and save energy. Because I had to ride solo for so long I got really worn out and with 1 mile left just gave up on trying to catch them... THey had a four minute lead on me by then so I just slowed up and finished alone.
Races like this one make me blue, and I want to race a good race thursday to redeem myself. This week there is three races I would like to do, thursday, saturday and maybe sunday. the weekend ones are around Dallas so we will have to drive up to do them and get to see Jeni and Brian.


dan robyn & melia said...

Too bad about that race. Sorry we had to miss out on it but Melia was teaching at church! Yes I have heard of drafting and even have done it except on long insanely hard races in Italy. I like to do those on my own. Yeah that's right.

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Don't be blue Dan. You did your best and not your fault about the fall/accident.'re racing a lot. Take pics of Big D for me.