Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fort Davis this weekend.

I am going up to do a three stage race tommorow morning with some guys from my team. They are getting free gas to drive up there (6 hrs) and one of them said I could crash on there hotel floor. So I will only have to pay for food. Should be a fun trip. I have to ride in the back of a truck to get up there though but I dont care. The weather up there is supposed to be 35 for the start of tha race and here in San antonio in the 90's. I am not sure which one is worse for riding my bike in!
Yesterday I lifted weights and today my butt, hamstrings, abs, shoulders and back are really sore. I should not have lifted as much weight I guess.
Well this isnt the most interesting blog entry but I thought I would try to be more consistent with it and write at least once if not twice a week.
Robyn is in the garage this morning riding on the trainer cause its a rainy day outside. I actually dont mind riding in the rain but I can understand its hard to get wet and muddy first thing in the morning.

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dan robyn & melia said...

Have a fun trip this week end. I am sure you will do great.