Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Its wednesday evening. We just got back from the gym. We have been eating dinner there lately because they make awesome food and all of us are sick and really weak this week. I threw up six times today and about three yesterday. I dont know what I have but Robyn and I both have upset bellies and can't eat much and we are both really weak. I heard there is a bug going around. Whatever it is it sucks and I want to get better.
So Yesterday I started laying tile in our kitchen and dining room. its an egyptian tile and it looks pretty awesome I think. I havent grouted it yet so its hard to get the full effect when you see it now. But this time next week it should all be finished and looking good.
I shaved my head by the way cause I am sick of my hair. I just cant stand having to comb it and wash it etc. I like being a skin head, however I got a sun burn through my helmet on saturday so I have all these red circles in a pattern. pretty funny I think.

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The RC Miller Clan said...

ha ha ha you should have gotten robyn to take a picture of your head!