Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24.
Yesterday after church we went to Ko Olina for a few minutes to relax and have some family time. I sprinted down the grass towards the water and jumped off the lawn's edge (a big ledge) onto the sand below. OK::::::>the sand looked so soft and inviting, but it was hard as cement! Needless to say my foot is now very sore and bruised and swollen. I cant walk on my heel and all day I have been limping around. Its funny though because Melia saw me walking on my toes on only one foot yesterday and she started to walk around immitating me! Pretty funny but yeah I am sore! Last night we took a family drive as well and went up north shore to see the huge waves left over from the triple crown event that finished up that morning. We sat in the sand and watched the sunset. It was a really nice night. Melia of course had to go to the bathroom (she is part cat and bathroom and sand always go together) So we just had to get in the ocean and clean off. I just happened to be wearing my swimsuit! Lucky me! lol

I only rode 50 miles last week and in case you are all wondering, I am not staying in very good shape. In fact all my shorts are a little too tight now.
I just finished my organic chemistry exam about ten minutes ago. I never know how well I really did untill I see my grades. So I either got a really good grade, or a zero... I really have no idea... Even if I feel good about a test, if I make the smallest error I get zero...not even partial credits. So anyways its good to have that one finished. Now its all just gearing up for my finals which are all the second week and third weeks of December.
I am heading out in about an hour to pick up my mom from the airport, then I am going to fix the toilette at home which I think I busted by being too rough with the lever, or else it was Melia.


Proud Momma said...

hey the poll is already closed? What's with that I didn't get to vote?

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

do you remember that time in NC when you and I were running on the beach away from the water up the shore and we didn't notice the huge drop off that we both tripped oveR? hahaha that was hillarious.

good times.

I still have a scar from that one.

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

I tried to vote and it would never let me. I vote Christmas. Oh Dan you poor thing. Didn't you jump on a rock, though?

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

The Polls are re-opened