Monday, January 26, 2009

I am sitting in Chemistry class and I am bored so I thought I would post;
The ride this morning was alrite, I have been trying to stay in HR zone 2 and just take it easy pretty much as I ride into school and home at night, but I have refined my plan a little bit. I will be trying to do the following for the next three weeks:

Monday- Track bike working on pedaling speed
Tuesday- easy aerobic zone 2 maybe a trip up Kunia hill for an easy climb
Wednesday- single leg drills
Thursday- easy ride with 2x20 minute tempo efforts
Friday- easy ride
Saturday- easy 30 minute spin or test my LT levels
Sunday- Rest

This is kind of a base training month and I am trying to set up my aerobic base for the rest of the year.
I have been feeling pretty good and havent been too tired at all since I started school.
I have also been calculating the calories i have burned each workout.
Here is the average per week: 16000, per day: 3000, per ride; 1500
This is making me hungry just thinking about it.
Gotto go eat


Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

3000 per day? holy crap. I would not exsist. I wish.
I also have been working out on the spin bikes at the gym, since I dont have my own trainer and I dont have time to go out and ride with 2 kids... but I am feeling so great and I know my legs are way stronger than before. I LOVE to bike!

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

nice jeni, you should get a trainer at performance bike for like 60 bucks and you can ride your bike at home if you wanted... its a little more comfortable i think, and you can get some cool dvd workouts to do with it.