Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I got into school this morning in a record for 2009: 1:12:20. I stayed in my zone 3 HR, which means that I am getting faster! I also was on time for my Bio Exam which went pretty good. Yay... now for the bad news... I was coming up from the locker room to my exam and a stupid head with her coffee just turned and ran in front of me trying to impress the four guys that she was standing next to. They all laughed as I slammed into her. My left leg came off the pedal and the pedal rammed into my calf which is all bruised and cramped up now. My handlebars got flipped around and rendered my brakes useless. So that was fun being laughed at and still having to run to get to class on time for my midterm.
The bike is fine... May have to replace yet another part however as the stem shouldn't allow for the handlebars to twist like that. Perhaps it is worn down and needs to be retired... It wouldn't surprise me cause it is about three years old...It was a replacement for the one I had in Italy that delaminated and twisted off during the Davide Casani classic near Bologna. I raced the last 80 miles having to hold onto my stem with one hand and the bars with my other so I could stay in control... was really fun... ;)
So after school I will try to swing by the shop for the part if I can finish before 5:00. I will be tired and hungry though and most likely will just ride home to Robyn and the crew.
Did anyone watch todays stage? sounds like it was an exciting one full of crashes.

Can I just say that Versus sucks? They cut off the finish yesterday for hockey! man what a lame station... nobody needs to see the begining of the hockey game! besides nobody likes the habs anyways.


Jeni said...

stupid girl. hope your bike is better with its new parts!

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

Awww, yeah I never got any parts... Just went home cause I was tired. Plus didnt have any money anyways.