Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend update

I am laying in bed feeling sick this morn. Its only 4:30 am but I can't sleep. Last night was long thanks to a midterm I have in about 3 hours. I have had some weird dreams and melia wet the bed too so I'm not looking forward to today !
Those pictures were of kailua and of the marine corps base. I raced there yesterday but had a bad experience. On the last turn coming into the finish the guy on my outside shoulder pushed me hard and I moved my front wheel into someones derailler and bam! My spokes hit just like a wheel on a Ben hurr chariot and my wheel was ruined and my claim at overall win was lost. At least I didn't crash though or get hurt. So no races for me for a long time.
I have fingers that are blackberry challenged! Ha ha
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