Friday, July 17, 2009

I ride.
When I need to get somewhere and its not a super big emergency, or even a small one, I ride. When I go to school I ride, except yesterday when I took the bus thinking it would save me some time... It didnt and it took almost 2 hours to get home from school... I ride.
This last weekend I flew over to Kauai for saturday and sunday morning for the first ever kauai stage race. It was really fun to race there and its a beautiful island, but honestly I felt lonely and missed my fam pretty bad. We had originally planned on going over there together months ago when I mentioned that I wanted to go over there and race, but for whatever reason it never happened and it is too bad. I rode.
I dont ride because I think I am Armstrong. I dont think I am pro, or even remotely close to pro. I cant even win a weekend crit in what is probably the state with the fewest cyclists in all of america. In fact I cant place in the top three, but its fun to lose too. When I think about why I ride my bike all the time I guess it comes down to one of a few reasons... I like it, its fun to do and zipping down the road feeling the wind hit my face, and taking turns fast and leaning into them, and flying down, or even going slow up a hill its exhilerating, sometimes painful, but I like it. It helps me stay in shape and not gain too much weight, this can never be a bad thing. It saves money because one trip to school from our house costs 16 dollars in gas and 4 on parking, so I save 20 dollars a day, which amounts to 400 dollars a month in savings for us, and lots of saved ozone! So yeah that is why I ride. I dont need to, but I like it. I dont have to race either, but if I get the chance to race, cool! This last weekend during the road race I was able to have confidence and I almost won for the first time... I didnt, but i was close... it came down to the sprint at the end, but I was rite in there! It felt really really good. I wish Robyn could've been there!
So I have been in summer school now for two weeks and its hard. I wake up at about 6 daily thanks to the kids, and try to get it together and leave by 730, but its usually not till 8, or even 830 that I get out the door. I make it to class at 1030 and stay at school studying until 5:00pm every evening. I ride home and eat a delicious pasta, or curry that Robyn makes, and kiss the kids goodnight. Then go to bed. Its a long tiresome day and I really wish it would go by faster. I really miss the kids and really never get to see them that much. Melia is tired and ready for bed, or tired from waking up to early, so I dont really get to play with her. I am looking forward to tomorow and sunday! Two days of full play time. I left my books at school just so I would get to spend lots of time with them. Troy is getting enormous and Melia is started to really say lots and lots of sentences. she is quite the copy-cat! THey are the coolest smartest little kids!
I ride, Study, play, sleep, and eat.
Have a good weekend everyone!


Nana said...

The rainbow is beautiful! It's wonderful to have an outlet in your life, a happy place to go!! My happy pace is sitting in the sun and feeling like I am baking, (probably burning) with good book and no worries in the world!

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Ah yes I was waiting for this blog entry. I think we didn't come b/c we couldn"t afford it and I have priorities on the weekend I couldn't miss out on. Good job and keep up with going to your happy place. That rainbow is beautiful. Kaua'i is an awesome island.

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments, actually my happy place is on the golf course, with midgets and root beer and happy gilmore!

Jeni said...

mmmmmmmm curry!! yum robyn!