Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sea to stars

Today I took a quick trip over to big island to race up mauna kea.
I missed my family a ton and wished I had more airmiles to take them. Rite now I am on the plane writing this and Robyn is heading out for dinner. I am going to try my best to meet her there.
So just a little about the race,
It started in hilo and finished at 9000 feet at the mountain visiters center.
I started the race by pulling at the front on the first big climbing section and pulled so fast and hard that when I finally looked back the group of 40 people had almost all disappeared. Only 5 others could hang in there with me. We rode hard but when the road got to 18 % grade for 4 miles I died and only managed about 3 mph till the finish and finished 6th. I won my race cat though and felt so good! I was supposed to get 70 dollars but only was given a shirt and a bag of coffee and a framed picture of the mountain, which is kind of cool, but I wanted money $$$
So I was out of it at the elevation and had trouble breathing and hurt so bad from no air, I just out my head down on the ground and laid there for a good two hours untill I made it over to the food tent for some... Clam chowder... Yeah not the best race food, I told Robyn I wished it was prochiudo and cheese, but oh well Hawaiians aren't on quite the same level when it comes to food. I didn't get to the bottom of the mount untill like 5 and I pretty much just rushed over to the airport after packing up my bike. So I'm on the plane now just wishing I was eating with Robyn... Ok I got to go now.

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Stephen said...

Dan, good work.... what a climb. Sounds like your legs are holding up to the challenge.