Thursday, August 06, 2009

Today is such an awesome day! One of the best I have ever had! I feel great!

My legs are really sore today and I drove to school... I am just studying now for my 3rd math test...
My final is in a week as well.

Last night Melia was up like 10 times because she has a sore canker on her tongue, and I think she may have an ear infection too... The poor little thing kept crying all night long in her sleep and wanted baby Tylenol... Don't worry I didn't let her O/D on it but she did max out her allowance!

This weekend I am using some air miles to go to Hilo and hang with Casey. We are going to ride up Mauna Kea (13000' elevation)... its a race yes, but its not really... a 34 mile race with only like 20 starters total... I guess its so hard that it scares lots of people off so only a few people have the guts to do it. I have been scared off many times in the past... but this year I feel like I am in good enough shape to finish... obviously not to win, or even come top 5, but finish yes. I feel so good today in fact that the thought of winning is actually crossing my mind now. I wish Robyn could come with me and be at the finish, as that always helps me mentally to push harder and ride faster. So I leave Friday and get back the next day, hopefully I will make it for dinner because I know what Robyn is cooking and I want it!!! hummus pita wraps and a tai chicken salad. MMM! so good!
So I just want to let you know Robyn, I am going to miss you alot this weekend while I am gone. I love you... I wish we could all go camping in Waipio!

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Robyn Melia and Troy said...

what is this about me being a cook? I think you are going home to the wrong house, sweetie.