Friday, October 30, 2009

I just wanted to write about a few things.

First of all yesterday was fun,
I got home from school late at night via my freind Casey, and Everyone was waiting for me with a candy lei, balloons, and a cake. Melia had already started eating the cake... the candles were trick candles and wouldnt go out. it was really cool, I have always wanted trick candles!
Then we went out to outback and I got a new york steak and a baked potatoe... I got the blooming onion, and the free ice cream desert with the awesome well sung jingle.
IT was a good birthday and I guess I can embrace turning 30 instead of hating it. When Casey turned 30 he said he went surfing, and hurt his knee... took like 6 months to heal. Funny thing, I crashed my bike wednesday and I am now paranoid my leg will take a long time to heal now that I am so old and withered! lol
Thanks for the fun night Robyn, Melia, Troy, Nana, and Casey... and thank you Patty, Karyn, Libby, Jeni, Grandad for calling/texting me... I left at 7 am and didnt get home from school untill 6:15pm and wished I couldnt have spoken to you all when you called or msg'd me...

Wednesday night update:
It was the 3/3 cross race at Sand Island state park. I won the first two, but the 3rd was a little different. They added three or four more 180 degree turns, another dismount hill climb and some difficult sections that weren't there last week... Also the compitition was great!
This week was the Halloween race and we all had to wear costumes. I was Ironman because it was a great movie, (and one of my favorite songs). I got a 12 year old boys costume at party city and stretched it over my gut... it ripped all over, I guess it was like the Hulk more? anyways we all dressed up and raced. The start this week involved sprinting 100m to our bikes and then we were off. I was up at the front again for the first lap and everyone was really pushing hard. I felt really out of shape from the last two weeks of not riding too much. So my HR was really high and my legs were not very powerfull and my team mate Carl seemed to be riding for the win. behind him for most of the race was Hawaii cycling legend Ray Brust, and I was on his tail. On the second lap we had to go over two hills in a row that were very steep and at the bottom of the 2nd hill was a 90 degree turn. I went down on my side and scraped up the side of my leg, and ripped my shoe. Within 5 minutes my shoe had fallen apart and I was forced to rip off what was left of it and ride 1/2 barefoot! So bloody and barefoot I remained in my position untill we dropped the other 35 or so riders and were alone with a minute lead on the next group. We stayed like that for about 5 more laps when Carl who was looking really strong flatted and started trying to get someone to help him out with a bike change... Ray took off--- I was redlining already and just kept going, not knowing what Carl was up to behind us. I fought hard to stay with Ray for the last lap and my foot was hurting so bad, and I couldnt pedal with my leg very well. With about 1/2 mile to go some idiot on his derelict bum bike and shopping cart started running at me with a loud alarm ringing from behind the toilettes/shower area. I had to swerve hard to miss him. We made it to the sand pit and dismounted and started running with our bikes through the sand and I almost fell over again ( I tripped and fell twice earlier that night). I got back to the grass and jumped on the bike and smashed my foot onto the pedals and went hard... a minute later I was looking back and Ray who was 100 meters back and I crossed the finish line... The Tri Race winner!!!!! So now I have won three races in my life! Felt good untill I had to shower my leg wound... anyways I am sore today and hating school...
Here is a link to some pics... my crash is on there

link to pictures.... click here... click here...


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