Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kualoa Ranch-Feb 14

It was the first cyclocross race of the calendar year 2010. I, on my new bike, warmed up for about 1.5 hours... The race was originally slated for 10:00am... after warming up and taking all my caffeine drinks/pills, I was informed that it was going to start late, at 11:00. So after riding, sweating, and using my caffeine up we started.

I was feeling especially good this morning and promised Robyn that I would kick some ass. I used her as my motivation, and did kick some!

I could write about the race details and bore you (whoever you are that reads this... anyone?), but I wont. (unless you want me too)

Oh yeah,
I won... :)


Jeni said...


Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Wait a sec...you are telling me you sweat BEFORE you actually started the race?? I am surprised you were able to still race. I love how build it up, Dan. Good stuff. You never mentioned how you won!

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Oops...I just now saw how you mentioned you did win. I obviously only skim your entries. good job winning even after the pre sweating.

The Bacigalupi's said...

Dan. Sweet pictures!!! Congrads on the win.


lynne said...

I read and like details. Congratulations on the win!!

Anonymous said...

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CoCo Chang said...

I adore the way you live, full of energy and sunshine.

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