Monday, May 01, 2006

I raced today in that bologna race. it was hard. I rode hard for 90km before i decided that my body just wasnt going to make it. you see i havent ridden since last sunday when i raced and aafterwards i fell ill and i never really recovered. well i quite and rode home. i figured that it was better that i keep something in my legs for next week. but you see todays race was just a random race in town and it had some cool free stuff. but next week is a race in a series that i have been doing. if i do them all i get points for each one and then at the end of the 9 races the top three point holders gets trophies or something. at least they better!!! I am in 4th place rite now among the pros. i dont know if i already said it but i am racing here as a pro because nobody can read my license..!!! everyone kicks my butt, but i get lots better each week. I just want to improve so that i can kick butt in america when i go back.

Its now 7 in the evening and i feel pretty good. better than last week anyways.

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