Saturday, April 29, 2006

April 29,
It has been crummy weather today, but I think that the rain has finally stopped. I was just reading in the rules for usacycling for what I need to do to upgrade from a category four to a category 3. They say that I have to place in the top six to get any points. first gets 7 sixth gets 1. in order to upgrade I have to have 25 points. So that means that I need to finish sixth in 25 races this year. Ok this is impossible!! Each race is so demanding and to top it off I have to race against pros and the best that Italy has. I can place in my category in like one out of three races, but only among my division. Plus there is like three races that always start together and then they all finish in different places and times. so if i start in a certain peloton I most likely will be alone halfway through the race. Its confusing I know but i will just race this year and keep having fun, and hopefully usac will give me some props.

Today I rode on the trainer for an hour. I have one more day till the big bologna race. feel ready but well see what the sickness did to my legs..

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