Saturday, July 15, 2006

I have a race tomorow in canada. its the stampede road race. a 120km long road race. I have been training all week in calgary here and i feel pretty good. however i dont think that i will be able to get any support out there. i have robyn and lynne coming to the race about two hours into it, but i have a feeling that getting water and food is going to be a challenge. I have a plan for the race. its going to be a windy and hilly course, so i will stay in the peloton for as much of the race as possible. i will fake suffering and just stay in there about ten from the front and i dont want to lead at all. I will break away once on the third lap, maybe twice just to test others legs and my own. then on the fourth i may either break away for good or stay in there till the last lap. either way i plan on winning and unless i have any bike problems i think i could do it.
thursday i was riding out on lochend road in bearspaw and i ran over a little rock that cut my tire and sliced it on the side and my tire flatted and i had to stop and find some garbage to patch it up with before i could pump it up again.
well i have a short ride today and we want to hit up the stampede and a movie tonight.

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