Monday, July 17, 2006

I raced yesterday in canada. 120km long, about fifty people did it. I felt good the whole race untill the last kilometer when I was dropped by about 19 other guys. I came in 20th overall and I was about one minute back. I wasn't dissapointed though because I had taken like two weeks off after italy and then i only trained for this last week. I felt like my legs werent working rite every time i stood up though. I think that had i done this race a month ago i could have won.
I dont know if i mentioned it but the usa cycling upgraded me finaly to a category 3 cyclist. I had been racing with the cat 1's in italy but the usa organization wouldn't recognize me as a good rider. so now i am one step closer as a 3. among my cat in the race i was third I believe.
Well I took monday off also and today i have tons to do for my dad. i need to take a load to the dump, storage shed, clean up some other stuff and if it dried enough i will mow the back yard.
I just want to take it easy today and go for a ride though.
My new wheels are mavic ksyriums and i loved them on sunday. they are fast and light and all the squeeking from my other wheels is gone.


Mike Karyn & Nash said...

are you still riding in Hawaii?
I keep telling Mike I want a bike b/c I love to ride. DOn't believe what Robyn tells you...I know how to ride a bike!

Ramblin Round the World said...

I didn't think anyone read this! Cool...thanks! That's cool if you can ride...most people can with training wheels!