Monday, December 18, 2006

This is a dedication to the kitters, Robyn this is for your since you are not here with them, and they miss you and want you to know how lonely they are (well I am).
The last one is if our christmas tree. I (dan)will be leaving for canada tomorow night (tuesday) and I will get there wednesday a few hours before Robyn does. I am pretty stoked to see her although I am not too happy that I have to leave this perfect weather and go into the Freezing Tundra of Canada. Robyn told me that she is having a great time in San Diego with her family there. Last night she went to the SOup Plantation with Patty. She loves that place !!! She had a great time. That was after she got to baby sit Nash. That boy is pretty darn cute let me tell you. I cant wait to have our little baby when I hear about him. Well Enjoy the pics and dont forget to check out my training blog from time to time...
Oh yeah we never sent out any chrismas cards because we are poor, but we still love everyone and wish you all a merry christmas!!

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J B & N Rawlins said...

Cute belly R2! I cant wait for canada and I cant say it enough either - see you soon!