Monday, March 19, 2007

This last week I trained for 10 hours, I ate very close to perfect and I can tell you rite now that I feel awesome!
My legs were feeling great on my saturday ride. I went for 3 hours and got about 52 miles under my belt. The first half of the ride I was with Casey, who hasnt been riding very much this year. He felt like I did last week I did it. Basically dying at the top of the hill near Pahoa. This week I rode with him to his house and then did another hour, feeling great the whole time. Last week I did hill repeats on the puianako extension road in Hilo, where it poured on me the whole time, I did Power Intervals on the track bike, and I did sprint intervals on me road bike. I also Ran for 9 miles one day, and 4 another. Running is what is still killing me, I will finish a long one and me legs hurt so bad, but I feel myself getting stronger and faster. I cant imagine what it must be like to go for 20 years without running and then trying to get back into it, I havent run for close to 2 years and it has been hard for me.
Last Doctor visit that Robyn had I weighed in at 180, which is 16-17 pounds down from my heaviest this year back in January. I have to attribute that loss to Robyn who has been my Dietician all year.
Well I want to now find a jogging stroller so that I can take Melia with me on my runs. We take her on walks all the time, and she just sleeps her way through them. Thanks Libby for the stroller I use it daily to push her outside in, but its not quite a jogging one...
I am off to the other blog to write about last night with the family.
This week is looking good, the program says RACE PREP, so I am looking forward to it. Saturdays ride is my next Time Trial, and then I am riding long after I win it.

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