Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mom has been here with us for the week and It has been really nice having some help around the house. Melia gets rocked to sleep by her after Melia eats and lately She has been sleeping soundly almost all night for two days straight. Because of all that I have been able to train and sleep and function pretty normally.
Yesterday morning I woke up early, well 8:00 is early for me, and I ran.
I ran for 45 minutes up the road then turned around and came back home. I ended up going for about 9 miles... 1hour and 22 minutes. I felt really good untill I got home... That is when the legs tightened up and started to really hurt. I stretched and massaged them a bit... anyways now I am really sore, but I feel good. I have to do hill repeats today on the old bike, so i am looking forward to that.

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Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

That is awesome you ran for so long and felt so good. You are doing awesome with your trainig. I am glad you are back at it after your broken leg...I am happy when you can do what makes you happy.