Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When: March 10 Starving Students Forest TT 20km
(12.5 Miles)


Start: Kileaua St. leaving Hilo (go down Kileaua towards HWY 11 and the Start line will be right after the last signal (Kawailani St.) on the right hand side, look for parked cars and bikes. Head out onto HWY 11 and make a right at Stainback, go about 5.5 miles up and do a left hand U – Turn and head straight back down. The finish line will be where Stainback flattens out. There will be painted arrows to point directions so keep your eye out for them and it will be super fun.

Time: The race will start at 7:30 AM . Please be there by 7:15 Am
Divisions: Men road A(123), B(4/5), Mountain Bike
Women Road, Mountain Bike

Entry Fee: Free (we will be collecting a 5 dollar donation for our new Hilo Cycling and Triathlon Team)

Please email or call Dan Miller for more information and to register

(808)345-7778, (808)965-0423

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Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

Your race sounds cool. Ihope the weather is good and that a lot of people show up. It's really cool you are taking the time to put these on. Love you!