Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 8th 2007

I had a good week last week. It was my first week back at school from spring break and I had a midterm in my Plant Pathology class. Of course I didn't study but I ended up with a 91% on the test. School is easy with only three classes, and for some reason I havent really had to study all year and I have gotten decent grades. Not to say that I haven't stressed out a bit about school though...
I stayed home alot last week and spent lots of time with Robyn and Melia, although I bet it seams to them like I am rarely ever here. I worked a bit and almost finished painting the house I am working on. Its been a huge job with multi colors and I have had to tape off so much stuff, and work around alot of junk... Still not finished but I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I rode for 100+ miles last week which is a good week I think. In Italy I was doing 200 min. and even that seemed like I was doing too little, but now that I have a full day, its really hard to get out and ride. Even worse though is the little amount of running that I do. I am training for a 1/2 Ironman in june and I only average about 5 miles a week of running. I really should be riding 150+ and running 20-30 miles a week as well as swimming 4 or 5 miles. But I think that no matter what I will do ok, since I have some experience racing and I will know how to ration out my energy...(100% on the bike, 0% on the swim and run... I mean walk).
I am putting on another Time Trial this weekend. It will be called the April fools day hill climb. Its a 7 mile uphill ride, then turn around and fly down. Should be good, as I am making some nice huge trophies for it. The last race I made these golden blocks that looked pretty nice, but I want them to be huge trophies.
I had a frustrating week with my bikes; I must have put in 4 hours of work on them. I wish they would just last longer and not wear out so fast, or break at all. Robyns bike is the worst in that it is totally broken and cannot be fixed or warrantied. I have to find her a new one, but maybe not till we are on the mainland.
I usually train her alone on the highway and to tell you the truth it gets pretty lonely out there. I cant wait untill Melia can ride a bike, and walk and talk and all that, or at least Till RObyn is riding again... bt then I will be home with Melia while she rides? I want to get a trailer to hook up to the bike and pull her around though, but not till she is bigger and tougher!
I am selling a bunch of stuff on ebay this week and so far nobody has bid on anything after two days. I hope I did it right and that I make some money. with my luck though I will not, so I may ask some of you to bid high on it so that I dont have to sell it at all if the prices are too low.
I am staying up rite now waiting for Melia to wake up so I can feed her a bottle. I like it cause I really cant do much for her other than play with her. Robyn gets to spend so much time feeding her that I really like it at night when I can spend some good feeding time with the little nut.
I can't wait to get over to Texas to tell you the truth. I have heard nothing but good stuff about san antonio. I hope I can adjust to it fast and get some good work there, mostly i am stoked to do some bike racing with other people in them!!!
WEll THat is my thoughts for the week...


Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

Don't worry sweetie...I won't be riding for awhile so you don't have to worry about staying home with Melia. :)

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Lol..funny comment Robyn.
100miles..way to go Dan. I always think of you when I see all the cyclists riding around here.

The RC Miller Clan said...

Are you guys moving to Texas or just visiting there? I love the fact that you are a Daddy Dan! You are so cute the way you talk about fatherly things! I wish we could get together more often. Maybe you guys should move to Australia!!