Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Its Wednesday morning, our cat Mailo is a crazy SOB. He already knocked down a glass of water, a potted flower, and a ton of papers and is now in my tools. I dont know what gets into these cats sometimes!

I am driving over to Kona today to pick up the new frame, here is the old one.

Robyn is doing Yoga this mrning. SHe is amazing at it, she looks better and more comfy than the teacher! Here is a pic of her

I would like to go on a short ride today, but probably wont get the chance, I have to finish a job today

and it will require alot of clean up and dont know if I will have daylight to ride, but anyways I am going to get started on the day.


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Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Nice Yoga pose Robyn. I heard you did great today in the race Dan...we were rooting for you