Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I am in san Antonio now and I just joined up with a team here called BSK Law/bikeworld. they have a website too . I have been riding pretty well since I got here but it has been raining for two weeks now and it has hindered my progress a bit. Last thursday I raced in the San Antonio Shootout. ITs a criterium which takes place down at the police academy. They have a big track there for teaching driving maneuvers, with lots of turns and smooth concrete perfect for riding on. We raced around the track for 60 minutes and I ended up taking 7th. I was pretty pleased with the results considering I havent raced for over a year, and I havent done a crit for two years since I lived in San Diego. I think this week when I race (tomorow) I will do better. For one I will be on a team, and that will help alot. If I attack off the front they wont or at least they shouldnt come after me, and If someone else attacks off the front they should help me pull them back in. There is a really good kid on the team that has only been racing for a month and has already won a bunch of big races. I am supposed to help him win this week, but I think I will be greedy and just go for it on my own if I am feeling good on race day.
I have been working at the bike shop here while I look for other constructionwork. its been alright. I have been building custom bikes, about five in total. THey have all been worth over 3000 and I try to be really carefull with them. Lots of pressure not to break anything when they arent your own.
I want to find Robyn a bike because she has been training hard this month and I would like to set a bike up on an indoor trainer so she can start riding again when i am at work.
My coach is trying to set me up on a sponsorship deal rite now with KHS bikes. I will try to get a new bike from them to race on, but if not then my team supposedly has deals with bike world here in town which gives a really big discount on Trek's. I would love to be able to watch Robyn do a race or two this fall! She needs lots of support though because she can only train if I am watching Melia. I am with her rite now and she is just enjoying her Baby Einstein movie next to me. She is lots of fun to play with.
WEll this Thursday I will race in New Braunfels then on Saturday there is a Time Trial here in town. The winner gets 100 bucks. I will try to win so that we can load up on diapers!! Hopefully I can get Robyn to take some pics of the races and I can post them.


Dan Robyn & Melia said...

You have been doing awesome here so far! It was so much fun watching you race last week! Congrats on the team, too! Thanks so much for helping me with my training! Love you!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Good luck on yer race Dan. I have been waiting and waiting for you to post something new on here. Also, I love that pic of the monster riding his bike on your blog homepage! ha ha. cool new look!