Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I decided to lift weights on monday instead of go for a three hour bike ride. Well This evening my legs hurt so bad I can hardly do anything! I need a good stretch and freezing cold soak! WE used to have a cold tub in college that the athletes could use after practice, I wish I had one here. Tomorow is a busy day for me, I will be meeting with a realtor at 8, then heading to this guys house who is going to help train me to be a window washer. I want to try and land some big contracts here with big stores and shops across the city to wash there windows once or even twice a month. It is going to be hard work and I wont make much at first, but hopefully it will pick up and I will be able to build a nice business from it. I am meeting the Realtor because Robyn and I are going to try and buy a house!!! We found an awesome old house in a nearby neighborhood and we are most likely going to put an offer in on it tomorow if everything works out!!! I am pretty excited about it!
I am off to bed for now, I will update you all on everything later
PS. I decided to stop eating burritos for a while. I think I am gaining two to three pounds a week from my bad choices this month. Time to turn on the burners and get rid of it. I keep shaving my head so the hair doesnt weigh me down, but I should lay off the junk food instead!!!

Later you all, or Y'all or whatevahs


Miller Time said...

That is exciting about the house, if you do get it make sure ya'll post some pictures of it.

dan robyn & melia said...

I guess we should post something on our regular blog about the house. It's pretty exciting! I think since you are giving up burritos you should grow out your hair!! Only kidding...you look good with barely any hair...you and Melia look more alike that way.

Grandma Frisby said...

Whoa! Giving up burritos . . . when you're in "burritos country"? :)

About the lack of hair . . . as long as you don't go back to the mohawk! Saw Nash yesterday and all is curls were combed into a "curly" mohawk.

Congratulations on the new house . . . sweet!!!!

dan robyn & melia said...

I miss the mohalk, Yeah the burritos here just arent that great to be honest with ya. San diego has the best mex food

The RC Miller Clan said...

That's hilarious about the head shaving thing! I guess I'm a little late commenting on this 1 month old post eh!? Yikes1!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Yeah, San Diego is the best for Mexi...Los Primos here I come! I'll have a california burrito and a churro and horchata and don't forget the yummy salsa! mmmm SPICY!