Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am posting this from Minneapolis. I have been here for a day now, and before here I was in Canada. I have been running now for three weeks and this week i have wanted to run but unfortunately I cannot. I had some surgury on my chest this week and I am too sore to run... I tried today but each step put alot of force on the area that is full of stitches and I had to stop. Maybe tomorow evening I will try again...
So far I have logged 48 miles in october... That is like 20 more than I have run all year! So I feel good and I am noticing I have more energy. I told Dad that I will run the Ironman with him in 2009. My goal however is to qualify at it for Kona. My goal for time will be under 10:30.
HOwever my goals for California is a 30 minute swim, 2:25 minute bike, and a 1:40 run... total of 4:45 to 4:55... basically I want to finish under 5 hours this spring...
Numbers... whatever they dont mean anything... I just got to train hard and try my best and the rest will happen.
I am so proud of Robyn too I just wanted to say that she is kicking some but outside, running everyday and doing about 4-7 miles a day!!! and now she has started to ride in the evenings on her bike for 45 minutes! she is looking awesome and having fun.
I love ya RObyn!!!

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