Thursday, November 01, 2007

I have a sponsorship through Rudy Project and if anyone wants to get any gear from them I can get it for almost half off the retail price. They have sunglasses, helmets, bags, shirts, etc. They are an italian company and lots of pro athletes wear their gear. Email me if you want stuff, but do it soon as I only have a week to get an order together.
Training is going well, today I ran 3 miles, and the last two days I have been riding my bike in the garage for 2.5 hours. I don't feel great at all about the shape I am in but my weight is decent and I am not super out of shape. But its hard to be elite on my bike when I haven't ridden in two months.
My surgery went well. I was in Canada getting surgery on my chest last week and I was really sore for about four days, and now its almost feeling perfect as long as I don't touch it. There is a big two inch scar which is cool, and I like scars, so it works out for me.
I built up a new bike yesterday, well its an old bike about 20 years old, with random parts I have collected and I repainted the frame. The guy down at the bike shop gave me a bunch of old Bianchi parts which I used too. Its pretty cool though and I should have it ride able in about a week. Now if I have a visitor that wants to ride with Robyn or myself I can set them up on old Bianchi. Also I can use It for a wet weather bike.
Robyn is doing awesome, running over 20 miles a week and now she is riding about 2 hours a week as well. She is getting in awesome shape and has to keep going to the store to get new clothes cause her old ones "keep getting to big for her"... She is looking really HOT!!!
Melia hung out with me in the garage while I was tidying up today. She has this new car she can stand behind and push. It is cool watching her walk around and she loves it. She definetely is fun to play with and hang out with. She is excited to see some of her cousins this christmas.
Well Robyn and I will be looking for a new gym next week. Preferably one with a daycare and a swimming pool so that we can start swimming a few times per week.
Here is a pic of Melia walking.

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