Friday, November 23, 2007

These last few days have been killer days. Pretty cold and dark. I rode last night on the trainer for about 45 minutes. I sometimes just want to be on a beach soaking in the sun and listening to the waves.
I miss the ocean and the life it brings. San antonio is a landlocked and sometimes really difficult place to live.
I started to do alot of core work, and I have set new goals that are higher and better than i have ever set for myself. I am in for some big self improvements now.
Robyn is still a big inspiration to me and she helps me in everyway. SHe trains hard and gets lots of good results from it. She has alot of good advice too. If anyone wants help she is the person to go to.

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dan robyn & melia said...

I miss the ocean as well, my friend. It is hard to live here on most days b/c of that. But there are many things to be thankful for about living here also.