Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Its a bright sunny day out and I want to go for a little run or ride my bike a bit. I feel pretty low today. Been tough to train, not that i dont have the time, just feel bad about it. I am down to my race weight now and I just have to train hard and maintain from now on. I have about four months now till the Half Ironman that I am training for. I would like to qualify for Ironman but that will require alot of time in the saddle and pool and running, as well as sleeping. I am trying to start a new business now with little help. Its been hard and stressfull and I guess that is the main reason for not wanting to train. I dont know what will happen in the near future, but I hope it all sorts itself out.
Robyn rode her bike today and looked really strong. she is getting in awesome shape. She is a good example to me.This is a picture of my birthday. Thanks for the cake Robyn, i loved it.

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dan robyn & melia said...

It's a bright sunny day and I'm kickin it in the bay...bbq'ing with my Usos...spreading love to my homeys!