Thursday, June 12, 2008

I have been in Kingston Ontario for the week working on Sean and Libby's house. it looks good. i had to tile the shower with these tiny little mosaic tiles and it turned out great other than the tile is really hard for me to clean and get all the mess off from the grout. Libby will have to spend some time down there scrubbing because my shoulder hurts now. The floor looks good to. They chose some sweet colors for the room.
I have been running up here since its easier to run than to travel with a bike, or track down a gym. I have learned to really enjoy running now and thanks to Robyn I am seeing a little improvement in my speed (mostly in my mind i think)
I have been all off with my sleeping here in Canada. I came from a 6 hour time difference and I have been working until 2-3 am and sleeping till 10-11 am then working for a few hours, taking a few off and working straight through the night again. I am basically still on Hawaii time which is good because we are moving back there this summer so I can get back into school and get a real job.
I applied to the Manoa campus for the fall and the Hilo campus also. Hopefully we can go to the Manoa one though cause its bigger and better and way more stuff to do over there. We are all really excited to go back. I am going to have to do alot of work on our house though before we go to help it sell faster. I don't think we will have a problem, but I am sure that is what everyone thinks right?
Well Kingston is a very beautiful place to live. I really like it here and wouldn't mind visiting this place more often. Next time though I would like to have a bike to ride and get around on to see some of the country side. the lakes are awesome here and I want to go skiing out on them every time i see them.

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dan robyn & melia said...

It is easier to just bring your running shoes, isn't it? Hmmm... Well I can't wait to move back to Hawaii!!