Friday, July 04, 2008

While swimming in the pool at the gym, Melia decides to take a huge poop on the pool deck...Robyn saw it happening and ran over to her to swipe her up and run her to the bathroom before the lifeguards saw them. Melia wiped poop all over her face and Robyns shirt and laughed the whole time. So sad for Robyn but it sounds like Melia had a fun time!! Robyn, I feel so sorry for you by the way, I know my time will come one of these days, when Melia decides to poop all over me!! (I hope not though)

We did find out also the sex of our new baby... We are going to have a BOY!!!!!! I am super excited to have another child!!!

The house is almost finished now. It is for sale already but I still have to finish up the kitchen. Paint, texture, and baseboard. I also have a few odds and ends to do but for the most part its done now. It sucks that only now when we are leaving do I finish up the house! I wanted to make it a nice place to live in and its been a mess for the last few months while I have been working on it.
Tomorow is the Tour De France Prologue
. I am pretty excited to watch this years race, although I am very dissapointed as well with the Tours president and the failure to invite last years winner and his team to do the race. But nevertheless I will be cheering them on and especially during the hilly and mountain stages.

My favorite for this Tour is going to be Fabian Cancellara... not a great climber... so we will see. also Team High Road will probably kick some serious butt.

Tomorow is also the TDF Prologue here in SaTx. I am doing a 3km TT in an effort to win 50 bucks. I dont think I have a chance, but there is always the chance that the really fast guys in town wont come and I will be left to dominate. Depending on how I finish I will be assigned a starting time in the "July series". Its a four stage race with a 40km TT this weekend, then a circuit race next week and then another circuit the following week and a TT to finish it all off. The winner of this one gets 400 bucks, so I really want to do well. I need to do every event though in order to qualify for the money and I have to be in first place. I know there are guys that can absalutely kill me here so I am hoping that they will not be attending all the events!
Today I went on a Britton ride. it was a 50 miler and I smoked them all. they had about 100 people start the "non competitive" race. They were all trying to ride hard though and every hill we went over I blew up ahead and went 100%. I was trying to treat it like a race, so I could simulate a 3 day stage race this weekend. I finished first and before I could do anything I jumped into the car and raced home. It turns out Robyns new bank card doesn't have a pin number yet and she had just shopped at Target for an hour and had a full cart, with baby wipes and other stuff and a little girl with a dirty diaper! the card didnt work and she had to deal with a poopy ride home. Sucks when that kind of stuff happens! Yesterday was worse though...


I dont think anyone reads this ever but I just felt like writing today before I go out to the garage and do some work while Melia is napping.

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