Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well I am just finishing my studies for the night and I wanted to post a few quick facts on here.

1. I crashed my bike two weeks ago. The crash broke my seat in two peices, and I have a huge bruise on my pelvis.
2. I was hit by a car on friday. I was crossing street and she cut across my wheel and almost hit all of me, fortunatly I was able to stop only letting my wheel get thrashed. I also hurt my knee.
3. I saw 23 cats this morning on my way to school. 11 of them were kittens.
4. I ride 25 miles 2x each day to get to school and home again.
5. I am tired.
6 I am excited to watch lance armstrong race in the next tour de france in 2009.


Jon said...

That bites! Sorry to have to track you down, but I need you to call ASAP. Jon

Proud Momma said...

Hey Dan the man! I'm glad I remembered this blog of yours! Sorry to hear about this past week...what the crap!
Love you, keep studying hard it all pays off!

Nana said...

Ew, I'm glad you didn't get hurt any worse on your bike. I wish people would watch out for cyclists. Especially my son!! Love you!