Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just wanted to update here while I am on the computer at school doing some homework. I need a break cause its boring homework.
Yesterday we got a flat in the jeep. I put the spare on pretty easily and looked at the flat, it had a 4inch bolt sticking out of it. must have been at least 1/4 inch wide! Pretty crazy that it stuck in the wheel. I am not sure how long it was in there but judging by the end being worn down I would say at least a month.
Today we are getting some new rubber put on so there shouldnt be any more problems with that.
On the way home from school i had a flat on my bike too! my rear blew out and my shoe cleat broke off. So that was fun being downtown with those problems... the people driving to and from work love it when the guy slowing them down has those kinds of problems and is forced to get off the road!
I was looking at motorcycles a bit today but i dont think its a good idea to buy one... for one they are expensive and two, I get in enough trouble on my pedal bike, i imagine that one little accident on a motorcycle would be a lot more costly, plus I would have to double my life insurance (Brian you probably wouldn't mind).
Its been nice not having to drive to school though, I figure I save 15-20 bucks a day in gas, and I dont have to sit around in traffic getting all mad.
I put some chemistry lectures on my ipod this morning and listened to them on the way in today. They are just as boring as they are in class, so I almost fell asleep on my bike. I think I better save those for my trip home in the afternoon, not for the morning wake up ride. Van Halen is a little better for the morning.
We may sell our house today! We have been getting offers on it the last few days and we just gave our last counter offer today. If they dont take it, we'll have to wait for someone else. It would be good to sell though so we can stop paying electric, water, sewer, pest control (racoons), and insurance on it.
Well KHS is sending me new parts for my bike that got destroyed atop the car two weeks ago. They are sending me a new fork and hopefully it will work out and I can ride it in, cause the fixed gear bike I ride is tough and tiring everyday. Since we moved to hawaii I have ridden around 1500 miles. More than I have ever ridden, and i am not even trying to train. It is mainly just commuting miles. I haven't ridden for fun since september 31 race. I probably wont ride for fun for a while, at least untill i can afford a kids seat/trailer and can pull Melia and Leo around.
Well I better get back to it.
Leave a comment if you want any pics, I dont usually take any, but I know you all wnt to see Robyn and Melia's most recent pics.
Oh yeah...
Jeni, if you read this I love you and happy birthday! I know it was last week and I wanted to send you something, but I didn't. Sorry. I am giving you a week at a hotel in Hawaii (airfare not included). Just let me know when you want to redeem it.


Proud Momma said...

wow...can't wait until it's my birthday! ha ha
I do want pics...we already talked about that one!
Love ya

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm like a four seasons??!! sweet!
thanks for the bday wishes!
hey i say go for the motorbike - cheap gas!

Nana said...

Yes I want photos too! Hope the repairs on the bike go ok.