Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Its wednesday morning and I was just working on a lab at school and I have about five extra minutes I wanted to write up a short blog.
I got the bike fixed partly, with a new fork, but it still has lots of problems. I got here today in one peice though so I have no complaints I guess. Robyn has been making the most delish meals for dinner and I eat like ten servings throughout the night. I wish I could stuff my face all day long and not have to go to class, or go in between huge feedings.
I remember in calgary when I worked at golds gym I would eat to gain weight. Does anyone remember the crap i would put into my body? ha ha it was good stuff...
-triple wendy's burgers
-extra large fries
-then a half hour later I would drink a protein shake
-stuff that mom made at home
-I would drink a gallon of milk a day (whole)
-And then I would eat ice cream/other stuff at night.
I have cut out the fast food, and milk pretty much ( I drink a glass every month maybe) and I feel healthy but I dont like this continued loss of weight.
Now if I was a pro cyclist I would be happy with what was going on, but I am not.
I started to lift weights at school again after years of being inactive in the weight room. I used to bench press over 350, I think my max was 375. I won the weight lifting competition at u of calgary my freshman year of college. I got a shirt and a duffel bag. Well its funny now... I cant bench 135 more than 6 times, if you dont know your math, that is less than 50% of what I once did. On the good side, my legs are actually stronger now then ever. but I cant support all that weight on my back when I squat, so I have to use light weight, and it doesnt really help my legs out that much.
So anyways I am lifting again trying to gain a little muscle...
Does anyone want to have a competition? we can take our starting bench press weight this week, and maybe our starting squat weight and go for like 3 or 4 months... maybe till new years and then retest and see who can improve the most. I will do it regardless but does anyone want to do it with me? winner gets a prize

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Proud Momma said...

when I get back to Kingston I'm off to the gym again to get back into the weights so I'll get back to you on that one! Miss you xoxo