Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday morning in library at school studying.
Last weekend Mom and Dad came out and we had a fantastic time together. I love their visits, and Melia absolutely loves G-Dad... Its too bad they cant come out more often for her sake! Well don't worry Melia we are trying to plan a trip to canada for 2009...
Feeling pretty good lately. I have been putting in about 150-190 miles a week the last three weeks which is only about 9-10 hours a week. My goal was to be doing 12-18 hours a week, but then again I must put my priorities first, and riding isn't a priority, its a benefit to living in Ewa beach and needing to get into town everyday. I am fortunate to have been able to stay in shape these days with all the work I have to do for school.
I ride three days a week at night in the garage on the trainer. Last night I did a time trial workout from about 10:15 till 11:20pm. Its hard to wake up after those workouts, but I need to ride that late if I am to get in the miles. Robyn wakes up at like 4 everyday to workout before I leave, and I reckon if she can do that, so can night.
This week has been rainy and windy and no fun to ride or do much of anything. I will be pretending to race tomorow sometime over in Makaha. There is a sunday morning TT and I want to do it on saturday to be able to see how I would fare against the TT'ers here. I dont think I am too bad so we will see. Its a 10 mile out and back flat course.
Well I am off to study, then get home for Pizza friday with the fam.

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Dan Robyn and Melia said...

Sorry you couldn't have your pizza last night. Melia was just a little bit too crazy!