Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new day,
I built up the "Ol' Grey" Khs bike I have in the arsenal. I needed something to ride so I used the khs frame, old carbon crankset from my first triathlon bike I got in 2004 for ironman. I used an old rear wheel, and a really really old front wheel. The rest of the drive train came from misc. parts that were sitting around. So its not the bike it was when I first got it but it rolls, so that is good enough for me I guess... I have been driving/riding in to school, as I have not built up much motivation just yet to ride in again, going to probably take some therapy... I just can't beleive someone robbed me like that...
Ok new topic.
I have to write a 5 page paper tonight on this "epic tale" from the old Mali empire. Its for my African history class obviously. It was a pretty interesting story about a great King named Sundjiata. Most the history of Africa is oral, meaning its been passed on from one generation to the next father to son, mother to daughter. West africa has many people called Griots, which are oral historians, and many elite people have their own griot who not only guides the individual by using histories important lessons, but passes important stories to their children about them. This way great memories do not die with the person. Their are so many facts and stories that have died with us westerners, or histories written in journals and books that nobody reads, and I think its sweet how African griots and village elders pass it all on to every new generation.
So anyways I just wanted to make a little entry in here..


Proud Momma said...

get back on the bike, it's the only way to heal! Love you and miss you

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

I will, I will! thanks.