Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I just wanted to write about last Wednesday before tomorow rolls around. I decided to check out this new race series call cyclocross. Its like a circuit race that is almost all off road, with logs, sand, mud, steep hills, and you can you use a special "cross" bike which is a road bike with big tires, or a mtn bike. I borrowed a team mates ride, and tried it out. We did 6 laps of the course, and every time we had to go over the lumber, the stairs, or the sand, we jumped off the bike, picked it up and ran through the obstacle, then re-mounted. Cyclocross = really fun.
The race took me 41 minutes to finish and about 35 people showed up and competed. The only thing I could think of afterwards was when the next one would be! So tomorrow evening I am giving it another go, and hopefully I can improve on last weeks.
Today I rode in to school and my legs felt like lead, and I had trouble pedalling. this is not good. I think its because I have been running more and more and maybe riding much less. This weekend I ran for 6 miles and walked one afterwards to cool down. I felt good running and averaged around 8.5 minute miles. Dad told me he went out for 8 miles! Good job dad, you work harder than me. oH yeah, after a while I realized my legs were ok, but the wind was really strong and blowing against me the whole way in. I sometimes hate the wind, but I should love it on the way home tonight as it should push me all the way... With my luck it will die down and/or change direction.
two weeks ago I flatted up in Haleiwa and some people driving past saw me break my wheel in frustration and throw my pump... they stopped and gave me a lift over the island almost home. It was really lucky for me as I had already used 4 patches up on my tires, and finaly had broken the air valve...
Then monday afterwards I got like 3 more flats riding in to school! When flats come they come all at once, or bad luck I should say. .. Well I just bought a new tire and hopefully it doesnt happen again for a while.
I will be starting up some swimming soon and I found my old speedo, but not any goggles yet. maybe this week I will get some and take a dip.
In case you all were wondering, I am planning to compete again at the old triathlon... maybe will blog about my plans for next year...
Rite now I just finished taking another MCAT practice test. I have taken two now and my scores were not so good. I need to do lots of work in order to increase my score... LOTS OF WORK... ok I better go.


Jeni said...

Good luck on those practice tests.

I hate flat tires. lucky that people there are so nice and will pick you up right?!

Sean said...

Feel free to call Sean about MCAT prep...he took the test a few times and def knows how to study for them!