Friday, April 28, 2006


I am listening to one of the greatest bands rite now on the internet radio. The thing that sucks about net radio is that every few seconds it stops and starts again with a bad connection. I have a good metalica cd at the house but i cant play it because our computer is messed up and doesnt play anything.

Today is raining and it looks like if the weather doesnt look up by 2 this afternoon i will be riding on the indoor trainer again. i dont really like the trainer though and its boring. I have to do 2 hours and it will be really hard. this race on monday is going to be pretty hard I think. 1... because I havent trained or even riden at all this week. 2... I have been sick 3... I feel pretty slow and I havent eaten well all week.

Basically i am feeling pretty down this week but as long as i am back to normal by next weekend I will be ok i reckon. the guy next to me that owns this place stinks.

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