Thursday, April 27, 2006

Its thurday and its the first day i have been out of bed. i still feel like crap but i got up and walked with robyn and then i rode my bike inside for 45 minutes. Then i did some sit ups. later tonight i wanna stretch out a bit. I feel pretty good in my muscles but my stomach still hurts and my head. i think that tomorow i am going to do my scheduled workout no matter what.
This is the picture of the race i have to do on monday. it has ten climbs. the last two have climbs of 15 and 16% grades. the big one is like 700 meters high. it will be the tallest climb thus far this year. should help me get ready for the next race the following week in Lucca. it will have six climbs. I dont feel overtrained though.

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Ramblin Round the World said...

Dan, do you ever wih you could go back in time...with all the knowledge you have could take doubt in my mind!