Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just wanted to tell you how this last race in pisa went. I unfortunately couldnt get up to the front at the start line, I got stuck back about 300 people out of i think 2000 or so starters. The front 100 km had a bunch of small climbs about 10 minutes apart and I felt good on all of them, I stayed with the first chase group till the people that were doing the middle distance race turned off too finish. There was about 15 of us left after that and We were 9 minutes behind the leaders. I felt good still and we pace lined for about 30 minutes. I was pretty much just faking it though at the front because we were heading for the big climb and i wanted to conserve. I led the way up the climb for 5 out of 9 km of which i felt awesome. however i ran out of water and food and the next refueling wasnt till the peak. I fell back behind about 25 people on the last half ot the climb. (it was a 9 km 13%). down the other side I was alone and worked my ass off to catch them on the other side. Lastly was the 15km flat to the finish. I caught them, and then broke away till a km to go. I couldnt keep the lead because of the headwind.
I did stay in the front however of the group behind one person and faked being dead... with 250m to go I sprinted away thinking that nobody would expect me to have the power to go again. I won the sprint by about a foot!! I felt like it was my best race this year. I averaged 34 km per hour.
Unfortunately I got sick on monday night with the flu and This is my third day having done nothing but sleep and eat soup. I may go out for a 30min spin tomorow, what do you think? oh yeah i got a deep tissue massage also on monday.

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