Thursday, November 30, 2006

MOn-Frid of this week I rode and ran everyday but one because I had to work. I finished up my last job that I have going on rite now so I hope that next week I can focus on my finals and training. Robyn leaves me on wed to go to the mainland and I will miss her tons. I have felt pretty good these last few weeks ever since i started to train again. I love riding and running isnt bad either. its nice to get out and get some fresh air. sometimes when Robyn walks I will ride my mountain bike next to her, because i want to get out with her but i dont want to walk. I at mcdonalds twice this week which is too much and i wont eat there for a long long time.
Friday we went up to Waimea and had a doctors appointment for Robyn. everything looks good and she is rite on track with everything. Robyn looks awsome and she is still fun to be with, even though everyone says its hard to be with a woman when she is nearing the end of the prego. I like it cause i get to eat better now! but i have to be carefull... anyways...
June 2nd is the date of the next big race for me. I have talked of it before but there is the date incase anyone wants to come and do it with me.
we went to GNC this last week and got a bunch of carbo force drinks for like 50 cents each. it was an awesome deal for me. I love carbs!
Well here is a pic of my new bike. Its a track bike and John my coach says it will totally revolutionize my riding power and I will not be able to be stopped by anyone after I have trained on it for a while.
take care everyone who reads this...(anyone there?)

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