Friday, November 24, 2006

This week so far I have been running, riding and surfing. I started eating better too. Instead of twenty burritos a day i only eat 19 now!! just kidding I started to eat good and watch what I eat. I try to get cereal and protein shake for brekky, then for snack a bar and apple, then lunch chicken and rice, and snack whateva, and then dinner a big one but after i worked out so its ok. I rode 4hours so far this week and i have about 5 more to go i hope. i feel tired and slow but i know it will come back faster if i am actually riding. It feels good to be out there. Today after i put the turkey in the oven we went down to the beach and surfed. the waves were alright. I went out to Honolii to the point where a nice left breaks. I stayed inside today a little further than anyone else. I caught about 6 or 7 waves in an hour and had a fun time. My paddling is slow and tiring but feels so rad to be out in the water again. I have been on my pals 6'2 and its really small but i have managed to get up and rip a little bit. I make two turns and usually the wave dies down. I wish I could surf in a place where there is a long fun wave one of these days. Robyn has been getting tan on the beach watching me. Then I went on a ride of an hour. I found a new road in Pahoa. I went to the dump and then kept on going on this new asphault road around to the back of the high school. It was a really nice road. Then I got home just in time to eat dinner. We gave thanks for everything and washed it down with some sparkling apple juice. I am still on track to compete in the Honu triathlon in June. I am going to try to finish in one peice. I also just finished making my first cd for Melia, so Robyn can listen to it while she drives.


Ramblin Round the World said...

Sounds good Bumble Head. Can't wait to watch you race again. Thanks for the cd. I love it and I know Melia will love listening to it while jumping around in my belly!!!

Ramblin Round the World said...

Yea yea that is right mumblina the dancing unicorn