Sunday, July 06, 2008

Race one of the July series and weekend races:
Friday I rode in a 50 mile group ride. it wasn't a race but I treated it like one...kind of. I attacked every single hill we got to and blew people away. nobody wanted to chase me and they had good reason, they were all old and slow. But seriously they did and I slowed down at the tops and downhills to wait for them. they always caught back up with me then I would attack again. I ended up finishing like 10 minutes ahead of everyone and I felt good about my "fake" race. Then Saturday I headed down to Britton's bike shop for the second day of racing, a short 4km TT. I took first place. Today I raced a 40km TT and thought I was doing pretty good, but my second half was four minutes slower than my first half. Mainly because my left leg was asleep! Who knows what the crap is going on with my legs! last race my hips give out, this one my leg falls asleep. anyways I finished in the top five overall with a 60 minute time. My PR is 58:30 from the Honolulu Triathlon over a year ago. I cant compare them cause they are different courses. Well I start next weekend with race # 2. which will be a road race that I did twice last year. It is at the research park and I need to just finish with the leaders in the pack each time, and then finish the last TT really fast and I will win some nice MONEY!!!
When I got home little Melia just wanted to jump all over me and tackle me and pour her juice on me. It was a fun time! Well I got to go get ready for church. I am going to miss racing in Texas.

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dan robyn & melia said...

Great job on winning your race!